Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

The Firm’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit practice begins and ends with all things related to year-15, and the Firm is dedicated to representing the developer side of the LIHTC industry. The Firm’s trial lawyers have been on the forefront representing clients in year-15 disputes and, in many cases, helping to create much-needed case law in this area.

The issues on which the Firm represents clients include:

  • Disputes over Purchase Options, Put and Call Rights, and Rights of First Refusal
  • Fair Market Value and Appraisal Disputes

  • Disputes over Purchase Option Price Determinations

  • Ownership Interest Disputes

  • Capital Transaction Disputes

  • Capital Account Disputes

  • Disputes concerning Forced Sale Rights

  • Project Refinance Disputes

  • Limited Partner Removal Initiatives

  • Qualified Contract Issues

Through its Low-Income Housing Tax Credit practice, the Firm also advises clients in the year-15 planning process and on best practices for year-15 in new LIHTC executions.

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