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BC Davenport, led by partner Justin Jenkins, represents parties on all sides of disputes relating to trusts and estates, including Individual and Institutional Trustees, Personal Representatives, Administrators, Executors, Beneficiaries and family members. Family dynamics, business succession, valuation issues, complex tax matters, undue influence, fiduciary duty breach claims, fraudulent transfers, creditor claims and other matters routinely arise in such disputes. Justin Jenkins was named a “Best Lawyer in America” and “Attorney of the Year” by Minnesota Lawyer regarding his Trusts and Estates Litigation practice. He and the team at BC Davenport understand how to help families navigate the high-stress, life-altering disputes that arise when family members and business owners become incapacitated or pass away. While we always seek out amicable resolutions to preserve family and business relationships, if we end up in the court room, our team of trial lawyers are ready to protect your interests and to achieve the outcome you deserve.

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